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June 21, 2018
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[past screenings]

Myhelan Indie Film Festival
Long Valley, NJ

Ebensee Festival of the World
Vienna, Austria
Bronze Award!

St. Petersburg International Film Festival
St. Petersburg, RU
Best Narrative Short!

XII Prix Leonardo
Parma, Italy
Certificate of Merit in Silver!

Newport Beach Film Festival
Newport Beach, CA

Philadelphia Film Festival
Philadelphia, PA

International Kansas City Jubilee
Kansas City, KS
Best Narrative Short

Durango Film Festival
Durango, CO

Fayetteville Film Festival
Fayetteville, AK
Grand Jury Prize/Best Film,
Audience Choice Finalist

Sarasota Film Festival
Sarasota, FL

New Jersey State Film Festival
Cape May, NJ

Los Angeles Short Film Festival
Los Angeles, CA

Ojai Film Festival
Ojai, CA
Best Short Film, Honorable Mention

Tahoe International Film Festival
Lake Tahoe, CA

Telluride IndieFest
Telluride, CO
Short Film Winner

Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films
Palm Springs, CA

Newport International Film Festival
Newport, RI

Atlanta Film Festival
Atlanta, GA

Houston WorldFest
Houston, TX
Bronze Remi Award

Fulbright Comission Screening
Budapest, Hungary

Euroshorts 3
Warsaw, Poland

NY First Run Film Festival
New York, NY
Carl Lerner Award for best film with social significance, Awards in cinematography, editing, and sound.

Warner Brothers/Sloan Foundation Film Summit
Los Angeles, CA
Sloan Foundation Screenplay Winner






» Film
Young Allies Productions

After meeting in an open casting call, Jim cast Fritz in his third short film, The Dancing Man, which Fritz also produced. They teamed again for Semmelweis in the summer of 2000.


» Semmelweis
Hope was in his hands.

The Vienna General Hospital; 1849. One in three new mothers die from Childbed Fever within days of giving birth. Hospital Director Klein deems it, "The price God has put on the great gift of bearing a child." But Ignaz Semmelweis, First Assistant of the ward, cannot believe it is so. Haunted by the screams of dying mothers, and fraught with nightmares, Semmelweis embarks on a quest to discover the cause and cure of the fever. What he finds, however, is a new way of thinking.

20 minutes B&W

semmelweis Written, Directed and Photographed by: Jim Berry
Starring: Fritz Michel and Eden Reigel (All My Children)
Produced by: Jim Berry, Fritz Michel and Sam Reigel
Edited by: Jessica Sharzer
Production design by: Katya DeBear
Costume design by: Michelle Phillips
Art direction by: Bess Frelinghuysen
Executive produced by: Robert von Dassanowsky
  • Bronze Award - Ebensee Festival of the World - Austria
  • Best Narrative Short - St. Petersburg International Film Festival
  • Best Narrative Short - International Kansas City Jubilee
  • Certificate of Merit in Silver - XII Prix Leonardo - Parma, Italy
  • Grand Jury Prize for Best Film, Audience Choice Finalist - Fayetteville Film Festival
  • Best Short Film - Ojai Film Festival
  • Bronze Remi Award - Houston WorldFest
  • Short Film Winner - Telluride Indiefest
  • Grand Jury Prize for Best Film - Fayetteville Film Festival
  • Winner of Craft Awards in Cinematography, Sound, Editing and the Carl Lerner Award for Best Film with Social Significance - NYU First Run International Film Festival.
  • Winner of a Fullbright grant for the study and writing of a feature-length screenplay about Semmelweis in Budapest during 2002.
  • Winner of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation production award for the depiction of science in film.
  • Recipient of a production grant from the Health and Hospitals Institutions Office, City of Vienna.
  • Nominated for a 2001 Princess Grace Award
» The Dancing Man
Dancing Man
A story of love gone wrong.

Adapted from the 1950's EC comic book, Shock Suspenstories. With music by the Danielsons, The Kingston Trio and classical guitar legend, Andre Segovia.

12 minutes, Color and B&W
dancing man Written, Directed and Photographed by: Jim Berry
Produced by: Jim Berry and Fritz Michel
Starring: Fritz Michel, Clover Devaney and Nina Savinksy
Edited by: Jessica Sharzer

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